What\’s Best: CoWorking Space Vs Rented Office Space?


With the business turning digital more than ever, the office landscape is projected to dramatically change within few years now. The government is even supporting entrepreneurship in smaller and medium businesses. So, this new organizational venture is looking to evolve their working abilities and that calls for office spaces too. For majority of organizations, office space is one of the highest expenses to cover. So, it is the duty of the business owner to address either rented office space or have Coworking Space in Pune. Do you know which one to choose? You will know at the end of this article.

Coworking space or rented office area, Which one is Better?

Coworking is noted as new trend in market, which will enable the firms to rent office space for shorter span for filling gap between working out of home office and even leasing commercial area. This concept is quite popular in the West, mainly among smaller enterprises and startups. The co-working Office space can be hired for a month to a year. So, when you can prefer heading towards co-working space over rented ones.
At early business stage when you need to save bucks:
Smaller businesses, startups and freelancers might not just want to invest their limited money in long term based lease, which is what they have to follow in terms of rented offices. They have to pay a security deposit for 4 to 6 months or work on the office space to match their requirements.
• At this point, the idea of coworking Shared office in Pune seems quite affordable and the right choice to make. Obtaining such coworking space for the time being before you can pay for your own location is quite an affordable change to make.
• By renting such coworking space on monthly basis, they get to save a great deal of money to be used later for long term commitments. Moreover, coworking space offers some basic office amenities as well like conference rooms, internet access, printers and more.
Working with smaller team:
If you have smaller team to work with, nothing can then beat the importance of Coworking spaces at all. Smaller teams for 8 to 10 people can always work well with coworking space. All you need to do is rent desk area, procure a desirable address and then get access to professional space for covering client or team meetings. So, freelancers and smaller businesses will always have high hand priorities through co-working areas.

Short term needs:
If you need an office space for a short term then heading towards Coworking Office space near me is what you should be aiming for. When future is not that predictable then renting office space is not what you should be aiming for. Chances are high that you might lose money with that. So, to be on the safer side, coworking space rental is perfect choice to make, on monthly basis only.
So, if you want to choose between co-working or rented office spaces, go for the precious ones if you are into any of the points mentioned before. Otherwise, renting office space is a good choice for bigger and established organizations.

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