What is WeWork and why did this startup redefine workspace designs and concepts? This blog will help you realize why you must choose WeWork.


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to WeWork
  2. WeWork- A Brief history
  3. Amenities in WeWork
  4. Core Values That Define WeWork
  5. Inclusivity at WeWork
  6. Ventures Taken by WeWork
  7. Events at WeWork
  8. Workspace Solutions
  9. Combating covid-19 with WeWork
  10. Why Should You Choose WeWork?
  11. conclusion
  12. Reference links


Introduction to WeWork

A healthy workplace environment is ideal when it comes to maintaining a positive outcome in a stressful atmosphere and one of the most important facets of Work is undoubted- Infrastructure.

Generally, when one thinks of MNCs or Corporate, huge multi-storied buildings come to mind but they also come with a steep price. Today’s enterprises need office spaces that are flexible, agile, and safe.

With the advent of the pandemic, Work from Home has been adopted as the ideal solution. But what happens when your home isn’t a viable option for working?

WeWork is a company offering shared co-working spaces for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and freelancers by charging rent.

It is the platform for creators, providing hundreds of thousands of members around the world with space, community, and services that enable them to do what they love and create their life\’s work. Founded in 2010, it is headquartered in New York City.

WeWork has been growing at a high speed ever since its commencement. It now has more than 2,000 employees and locations in 23 United States cities and 21 countries including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  It also has a 400,000+ strong community.


WeWork- A Brief history

In May 2008, Israeli-born Adam Neumann and American-born Miguel McKelvey established GreenDesk, an \”eco-friendly coworking space\” in Brooklyn.

In 2010, Neumann and McKelvey sold the business and started WeWork with its first location in New York\’s SoHo district. In 2011, WeWork Labs was launched.

This would function as a start-up incubator within WeWork’s network. WeWork Labs provides an open workspace with the goal of encouraging collaboration between entrepreneurial members.

At least thirteen funding rounds were announced by the start-up, raising a cumulative US$ 9.8 billion. After October 2014, WeWork went international after establishing its first working space in London.

Since 2016 WeWork has launched its presence in Asia, South America, Australia, and Africa starting with Seoul, South Korea.


Amenities in WeWork

Across all industries, employers are doubling down on their investments in office space.

By providing a flexible, intentionally designed office that also includes amenities to make the workday more enjoyable and productive, companies can use their space as an asset to improve the employee experience your comfort and necessities are valued and looked into at WeWork.

WeWork provides these specially curated facilities in each of its offices:

1. Super-Fast Internet

WeWork provides hard-wired Ethernet or secure Wi-Fi, including IT support and guest log-in functionality.

2. Printing Nooks

Every floor in the building has its own library-inspired space stocked with a business-class printer, office supplies, and paper shredder.

3. Unique Common Areas

The heart and soul of our locations, our lounges feature custom art and furniture designed for creativity, comfort, and productivity.

4. Stocked Kitchens

Enjoy complimentary fresh fruit water, micro-roasted coffee, and tea, or prep your lunch with refrigerators and microwaves.

5. Onsite Staff

Our team is here for you throughout the workweek, from front-desk service to personalized support and mail handling.

6. Phone Booths

These soundproofed alcoves provide comfortable sanctuaries for conducting private calls and video chats.

7. Cleaning Services

Around the clock, our cleaning crew helps keep common areas, meeting rooms, and private offices looking their spiffiest.

Apart from these amenities, there are certain peaks at particular WeWork office locations around the world, which are designed to enhance the employee experience and help people do their best work.

An exercise room in Beijing

Exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Exercise has also been found to alleviate symptoms such as low self-esteem and social withdrawal.

The WeWork Baifu International Building has an exercise room where people can get in a quick burst of cardio.

A rock-climbing wall in Seoul

Rock climbing has not just been sought after for physical fitness but for focus, stress relief, problem-solving methodologies as well. WeWork Seolleung prioritizes mental health by providing this structure.

A swimming pool in San Diego

At WeWork Aventineemployees can relax as well as work out with the pool facility. The poolside seating areas also offer an inspiring spot for informal meetings and employee get-togethers.

An outdoor terrace with mini-golf in Bogota

Work can be exhausting and taking that into account at WeWork Bogota employees can take a walk in the lush greenery and relieve their stress by playing golf.

In addition to these, WeWork Access has over 100+ business benefits from partners like Amazon Web Services, Hertz, Swag.com, etc, and lifestyle perks from Equinox, HotelStorm, Avis, and Oscar.


Core Values That Define WeWork

Since its inception, WeWork has aimed to build a community. A place where you join as an individual, \’me\’, but where you become part of a greater \’we\’.

A place where redefining success is measured by personal fulfillment, not just the bottom line. Community is viewed as the catalyst.

Do The Right Thing

Doing the “right thing” is looked upon as an ethical action that individuals must always take. and it is based on integrity and builds trust with those who we care about, including our people, members, and our community.

Strive To Be Better, Together

Emphasis is always given to “unity in diversity” and that core value has shaped the framework of WeWork. they\’ve always believed that we are better together. We must operate with a shared purpose to constantly improve and grow and to become better as individuals, as teams, and as a company.

Be Entrepreneurial

To make a difference in this world and play a role in guiding it into your vision we must be bold, act with courage, and demonstrate the resiliency to push ahead no matter the odds or the circumstance.

Give Gratitude

Gratefulness is one of the most important characteristics that define a person. We will not take anyone or anything for granted. We are grateful for our people, members, and our greater community as well as for the opportunities we have in front of us.

Be Human, Be Kind

Collaboration, kindness, and authenticity are essential to our humanity. We must cherish each other and build a community that celebrates each person’s unique talents, passions, and backgrounds.


Inclusivity at WeWork

Keeping the core values intact WeWork has actively been contributing to society and practicing humanitarianism.

WeWork has played a part in eradicating structural racism by announcing a major grant program that awarded a total of $2 million in funding to Black small business owners who operate out of WeWork locations around the country.

Bridges from School to Work, WeWork for Good grant recipient, helps people with disabilities find, and keep meaningful jobs. WeWork also actively supports the LGBTQ+ community.


Ventures Taken by WeWork

Rise by We

At WeWork’s Manhattan location, Rise(previously known as WeWork Wellness) which is a luxury gym concept was introduced. Space consists of a boot camp space with cardio equipment, and a boxing area, general workout area, spa, and yoga studio. It also hosts fitness classes and offers personal training sessions.


Announced in November 2017 for a planned opening in fall 2018, WeGrow is a private school for children aged 3 through students in grade 4. The first permanent location was in WeWork\’s New York headquarters.


WeWork launched a separate but related \”co-living\” venture called WeLive in 2016. WeLive applies the same basic principle as WeWork to housing, offering rental apartments that are grouped together with a number of shared spaces and services, such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry, as well as group activities and events.

The first tests of the concept launched in New York City and in Crystal City, Virginia, near the Ronald Reagan National Airport in the Washington metropolitan area.

By the end of 2016, WeLive had mostly phased out subsidies for its spaces in New York City under a \”friends and family\” arrangement that discounted rents by 15% to 20%.

A third WeLive location in Seattle was planned to be opened in the new Third and Lenora building in 2020, but the lease was terminated in October 2019. Competitors to WeLive include Common, headquartered in New York, and HubHaus, headquartered in San Francisco.


Events at WeWork

Events are an essential part of the WeWork experience. From regularly scheduled office hours with venture capitalists or other industry professionals to cheese tastings with the whole community, WeWork knows how to work, and knows how to have fun.

There are events, both social and professional, happening every day to help you build and maintain a strong team culture.

Lunch and learns

Experience catered lunches made delightful for members while the community shares expertise, knowledge, and valuable tips.

Office hours

Attend One-on-one sessions with investors and industry leaders to acquire skills that will help you materialize your dream.

Networking events

Communication skills and contacts are some of the most important attributes for a successful business person. expand your network with 100+ events organized by WeWork.


A healthy body and mind are essential for every individual. improve your well-being with meditation, kickboxing, and more.


Workspace Solutions

For companies of all sizes, WeWork provides the global scale and flexibility to help your business adapt to uncertainty.

Private Workspace

  1. Standard Private Office: Lockable and move-in ready office space to call your own, with access to shared conference rooms, common areas, and premium amenities
  2. Office Suites: Offices for large teams, featuring private meeting rooms, executive offices, and operational support.
  3. Headquarters by WeWork: Configurable office space on a private floor with your own entrance, branding, and amenities.
  4. Custom buildout: Work without design and real estate experts to create your ideal office from the ground up.


Open Coworking Space

  1. Hot Desk: A hot desk is the most flexible workspace. Choose any open seat in your location. We have increased building cleanings and provide sanitization products.
  2. Dedicated Desk: Desk space in a lockable office, with 24/7 access to premium amenities and conference room.
  3. Labs Desk: Join a community of early-stage start-ups. Memberships include desk space, mentorship and education.
  4. WeWork All Access: A membership that gives access to workspace wherever you are.


On-Demand Access

  • Our Membership: Access to the community and the option to book workspace.
  • Event Space: Private venues designed for events of all kinds from conferences to celebrations.


Combating covid-19 with WeWork

The pandemic brought the world to still stand for almost 2 months and now companies have adopted different mechanisms to improve productivity as well as the safety of their employees.

Human resources are the most important asset in any organization and keeping that in its new strategy WeWork has introduced a range of new measures to make sure that your team can work in our coworking spaces that prioritize health and safety while observing proper social distancing rules.

On top of enhanced sanitization measures in all of our buildings, we’ve modified our shared spaces to create buffer zones through staggered seating and introduced behavioral signage to guide teams safely around their workspaces.

Many key WeWork features remain the same and contribute to a welcoming environment, including spacious private offices and single-occupancy work nooks.


Why Should You Choose WeWork?

  1. Low Price With High Flexibility
  2. Workspace With Great Location And Full Amenities
  3. Higher Productivity And Motivation For Your Employees
  4. Connect To A Community That Helps Your Business Grow
  5. Very inclusive work environment



We revised what WeWork is and its presence in the world as well as understand how it came into existence.

We proceeded to know the facilities it provides common to all office structures and enumerated a few special amenities found exclusively in certain offices.

Later we found out about the ventures that WeWork expanded into. We then read about the core values that laid the structure of the organization. we then moved onto the inclusivity in WeWork.

We also read about the events that take place in WeWork. The next part discussed the workspace solutions best suitable for you.

How WeWork is combating covid-19 and what measures were adopted were discussed in the next section.

The final segment of the blog discussed why one must choose WeWork enumerating the highlights of working in WeWork.


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