101 Factors to choose Coworking Space : Ultimate 2020 Guide

Today I am going to share with you 101 factors to consider while choosing a co-working space.

Most startups and corporate struggle to choose which co-working space to choose.

My few clients have gone through this dilemma.

As a coworking Expert, I personally handpicked 101 factors to choose coworking office space.

I would recommend your comments for any missing factor.

So Lets start



101 Factors to choose Coworking Spaces.

I have divided these factors under subheadings for your convenience.

Cost Factor

  1. Feasible Cost Structure

Cost-effectiveness is experienced in the case of co-working spaces. Only half the price than the rate for a conventional office is to be paid. Looking into the various advantages co-working space has, it is worth the investment.

  1. No construction cost

As you\’ll be occupying an already constructed space, the expenses spent on the construction wouldn\’t be included for the payment. You\’ll only be paying the rent.

  1. No labour charges

Like mentioned as it is preconstructed and the construction charges are not being included, the labour charges also don\’t come under the amount to be paid.

  1. No renovation works

No renovation is required, the office is pre-built and has all the amenities required. There is no room for renovation. Therefore, the company can save the cost of renovation from its budget.

  1. No service charges

Although the workspace comes with umpteen facilities, they don\’t demand service charges. This will make sure that a major part of the expense is put away.

  1. No taxation for land

No tax included, which means you\’ll only be paying the rent of the space you\’ll occupy. Land tax is a huge amount of money. If your cutting short of such a big amount from your investment.it is completely worth it.

  1. No costly rental issues

The rents for the co-working spaces are very reasonable. The rents are decided in a way that most of the people can opt for the co-working spaces.

  1. No worry about economic value depreciation

You don\’t have to worry about the fluctuation in the economy. It won\’t affect your present stay in the office. the work in your office can go without any disturbance, and finance will not be something that will be a hindrance in your workspace.

  1. Zero furniture cost

The furniture comes with space, and hence it is hassle-free for you to set up your office. You need not put your efforts and time into getting the furniture.

  1. Pay as you need basis

You can pay only for the days on which you work. No need to pay the rent for the days when you don\’t even work. You can simply pay as you go. Co-working space gives you the flexibility to go as your business picks.


Exclusive Amenities

  1. Types of offices

You can either choose to have a common area for your work or arrange a private suite where you\’ll be given more privacy and a separate space.

  1. Comes with exciting features

Yes, co-working space has amenities like high-speed internet, housekeeping high-security printing, scanning, and whatnot. space provides all the necessary factors required by an employee.

  1. One-stop for all needs

Co-working spaces have everything in one place. May it be cafeteria, printing, fax, or for meeting purposes. All the amenities are available in the same place.

  1. 24/7 basic features available

All the basic features like the cafeteria printing and faxing facilities will be allowed round the clock, and therefore even if you are working the night shift, you can access these features, and your work will go on.

  1. The premium parking lot which is a matter of concern

Most of the major tech companies do not provide their employees with parking lots. A majority of the employees use vehicles to travel to work. Hence parking lot is a major concern as they will have to leave their vehicle for at least 8 hours. And the co-working spaces come with premium parking spaces. Hence the worker cannot be worried about their vehicle.

  1. Valet parking most of the times

Co-working space provides you with proper parking facilities, and hence you need not be bothered about your vehicle or the space to park your vehicle.

  1. Low cost for start-ups

Co-working space helps the workers to invest their initial amount of money in their start-up than on building their own office. Hence the start-ups flourish in places like these as most of the start-ups do not have a huge amount of initial investment.

  1. Smoking Room

To avoid disturbance to non-smokers and to give a sense of relaxation to smokers, most of the co-working spaces have this feature of smoking rooms that provide a sense of privacy to smokers and also doesn’t cause nuisance

  1. Printers and Scanners

When you set up your own office space, the major part of expense goes towards buying up the machineries that are essentials. When it comes to co-working space, it is not the case.

  1. Cabinet and Discussion Room

If you need a discussion room only occasionally, then why build your own office and refurbish a separate discussion room with projector and smart screens? In your co working space, you get your own discussion room for your needs to be satisfied.


The Working environment

  1. More coordinated ambiance

The ambiance of a company influences the workers in a significant way. Hence co-working space builds in an environment of coordination. The employees tend to show more systematic work when it comes to co-working space.

  1. A perfect work environment

The employee gets the best environment to work and keep him focused on the job. It builds an atmosphere of briskness, and hence the employee can provide excellent output. Working together with co-workers also makes the work smoother and more disciplined.

  1. Pre-build structure

The office is already constructed, and hence the only step to set up an office is to accommodate yourself. This is hassle-free and easier for the people working. People can simply move in and start working.

  1. Avail all services of a premium workspace

co-working space has amenities like high-speed internet, housekeeping high-security printing, scanning, and what not.the space provides all the necessary factors required by an employee.

  1. Discussion rooms and conference halls available for regular usage

Some of the companies tend to have many discussions and conferences. Co-working space fulfills this need too. The building has separate chambers for discussions and meetings.

  1. Relaxed work atmosphere

As space is shared with people of the same profession, the atmosphere tends to be very relaxed and disturbance-free. The employees can concentrate more on their work.

  1. 24/7 Security services

The office provides high security round the day. No need to worry about any misuse of your documents or someone peeking into your office.

  1. Get a brand name associated

Even if your business name isn’t very popularised, having your commercial space in a popular co-working space is a high chance to rank your business

  1. Flexibility in workspace layout

You can choose the layout for your office. The given space is all yours, and you are given full liberty to make any layout. Co-working space gives you the choice of designing your office in the way you want it to be.

  1. Freedom to choose the type of workspace without much hassle

You are given the space, and it is up to you to furnish your office to any type. You can design your own office according to your needs and requirement.


  1. Introduction to more start-ups

Co-working spaces are an excellent source for the start-ups. They let the people network in the same area, and hence the innovative idea that is looking to be pushed gets the proper platform to flourish.

  1. A spot for getting to know hustlers

Co-working spaces are a great place to find innovators. Majority of the tech companies to by co-working space to get in touch with the innovators related to their field. As the atmosphere is collaborative, its effortless to interact with others.

  1. Sense of motivation

Co-working space makes you look at people around you and keep yourself motivated in your work. your environment decides the quality of work and co-working space gives you a self-motivated working space

  1. Promotes work-life balance

With co-working space, you can have a perfect balance in your work life. You need not stress yourself with a lot of work with a deadline. You can release your stress by interacting with your neighbouring worker.

  1. Discover new possibilities

Getting new exposure from various points means we are opening our access to new domains or learnings new tricks and trade. Make the most of it, and discover endless possibilities

  1. Meet multiple personalities

We get in contact with various people who are unique by their own and are from multiple personalities. Getting exposed to such people will give you the best experience to

  1. Get to know more about negotiating and interacting with people

When we meet different personalities, we get to know more how to talk with people, how to get to the reach of more mindsets and how not to offend. This will improve your conversational skills

  1. Learn new things and get more space to exposure

With introduction to a varied background, you tend to grow more expertise with respect to various fields and businesses. This will on the whole improve your ability to manage more people and gain more exposure.

  1. Increase your knowledge about how multiple business function

When you learn more about businesses and new technologies, you tend to understand more streams of businesses. This will influence the way you think and will highly influence the way you make.

  1. Inculcate the habit of sharing

Away from schools and colleges, we often forget the quality of sharing. But when working in a co-working space, we tend to work in a sharing basis. This will inculcate the quality of sharing which will


  1. Inviting healthier being and improve brand value by collaboration

Sharing the same space with a lot of different people brings in the sense of a cooperative environment. You get to collaborate with everyone, which brings a friendly relationship with your co-workers. A good relationship with your co-workers is necessary for an excellent working atmosphere.

  1. Getting open to more ideas and new innovative options

There is give and take of ideas that are very innovative, and these ideas may help you innovate new things in your workspace itself. Meeting new people will help you know new jobs in the field of your work. You increase your networking as well as the potential of your ideas.

  1. Empowering and inspiring

You watch a lot of people in your workspace, and sometimes they may inspire you. You tend to look up to people and strive to be like them. Their stories may empower you and push you to work harder.

  1. No cost for basic services like courier, printer, etc

The service charge is nil, so any essential work like printing and courier comes free, you only pay for the rent.

  1. No need for a person for cafeteria

Space comes with a built-in pantry; therefore, the worker can make himself beverages he wants without waiting for it.

  1. No Loneliness

Co-working space helps most of the freelancers and entrepreneurs to work with other freelancers helping them to avoid loneliness and bring in more ideas through interaction.

  1. Increase in productivity

The coordination in a co-working space is more compared to a conventional workspace. The employees are more focused and can provide the required output.

  1. You tend to get more of competitive vibes

Competition is a good push for people. Sharing the same space with similar people cultivates an environment of competition. Most of the time, competition leads the employee to provide tremendous outputs.

  1. Community Building

Sharing the same space with a lot of people can help you build a community with people with similar interests. You can bring a lot of people together and help share each other with the required knowledge.

  1. More time to concentrate on the job

The co-working space gives you an amazing ambiance. The ambiance gives a positive atmosphere around you. There is no tension of setting up the office or renovation of it. Hence it gives you all time to concentrate on your job

Guidance and Innovation

  1. Open to more options

Co-working space allows you to choose the type of office based on the size of your company. You can also opt for the level of privacy you need while choosing the office.

  1. Bring in innovation

There is always room for change in your work. Meeting new people and interacting with them will give you a lot of very innovative new ideas. You get to bring something new concepts.

  1. You have people around to celebrate your success

When you achieve something, there are always your co-workers with whom you can share happiness and celebrate. It\’s a great place for motivation and moving forward with your work.

  1. Don’t get disheartened by one failure

Whenever you face a failure, you always have people around to cheer you up and pick you up. Motivate you and help you start from where you left. There always a scope of your motivation.

  1. Great for freelancers

Freelancers usually work for themselves; they go as the job goes. And hence promising the stay at an office is impossible; hence co-working space comes in handy for them. Upon that, they also get to meet other freelancers and enhance themselves.

  1. A space for more growth

Like said before, co-working spaces give a chance of networking. Hence people looking for opportunity find it beneficial as they can connect with the proper set of people who may help them in growing in their field of work.

  1. Being surrounded by experts

You are mostly surrounded by experts in various fields, and that gives you the opportunity to learn more and to gain more knowledge. You can seek their help and figure out ways to tackle difficult situations.

  1. You aren’t alone

In business, often when the competition is high, we have this feeling of being suffering alone. But in co working space, it is not the case, you meet a lot of new people who share the same story, which motivates you to do better

  1. Assistance

In times of hardships, you are often guided and taken forward by a group of well wishers who support you. This happens to a major part especially in co-working space

  1. Diversified Knowledge

No one person can know everything, but in a co-working space when we meet lot of people, we tend to get more inputs and more knowledge about a lot of new facts that might be anonymous.

Prime Location

  1. Versatility

Co-working space helps big companies set up smaller off-campus offices in convenient locations. This helps the more prominent companies to expand their company.

  1. Needn’t strive hard for a commercial address

The co-working spaces are a hub, and hence they are situated in places that are popular. A worker will automatically have a commercial address and need not invest time in searching for one.

  1. Central location for client meetings

One-stop for all the client meetings. You can conduct all your meetings and conferences in the same office as they have separate space for meetings.

  1. You don\’t have to go in search of a premium location; it comes handy

The co-working spaces are a hub, and hence they are situated in popular places. A worker will automatically have a commercial address and need not invest time in searching for one.

  1. Easy Catch

Imagine building a storey building as your office complex in the center of the city. Expensive right? Not in case of co-working space. You get a commercial address at the center of the city at reduced cost while still having a commercial address

  1. Accessibility

Being in the prime location, makes it accessible to lots of prime location that are in and around the city thereby reducing transportation cost and ease of life.

  1. Easy transportation

Everything is nearby and the means are commutes are easily accessible thereby making it easier to get in touch with the modern amenities very sooner.

  1. Address can be explained clearly with no hassle

The process of explaining the location to a person commuting and making them understand the locality has become clearer and simpler. This is because, the location is a prime space and it becomes easier to understand and come closer.

  1. Centre spot for advertisement

Being in the center of attraction, whenever you wanted to advertise something it becomes easier and a sense of enlightenment of what to do when. This also increase the perks of getting recognised, as the probability of people checking out on outer spots is pretty low.

  1. Gives the sense of spotlight

When you have you office in a space that is highly populated and people are running for their daily works, you feel like you are right in the mid of the zone and have the sense of spotlight

Improves Teamworking Ambience

  1. Makes you more social

Being around people will help you bring a sense of socializing. You will be able to build a social circle and communicate. You\’ll have Daily life communication with a lot of people.

  1. Brings in the concept of teamwork and team well-being

teamwork is very important for any company to work in. A co-working place cultivates the habit of teamwork. You coordinate with your teams\’ mate in order to give the outstanding output.

  1. Motivates Sharing

Sharing is caring. When you share space with others, you also learn to share other essentials entities with them. Sharing also strengthens the relationship between the workers and keep a positive atmosphere around the office.

  1. Great place for testing your products

Co-working lace is a very great place to get your product tested. The best thing is you need not pay to have your products tested.

  1. Suitable for the long term and short term

It is suitable for both long term as well as ss short term business. Because if you are planning on a short span of business, getting a bigger space for working is a waste of money; hence co-working space is a great choice.

  1. Contacts

When you work in a co-working space, you get hold of essential contacts that you may not be able to find if you work on your own or work in a common working space.

  1. Dedicated receptionist

No more pay for multiple receptionist when you have more than one business or business partners working together, with co-working spaces, have a single dedicated receptionist, there by sharing the expenses and getting divided profits.

  1. Dedicated clearing person

Have one person to look after the space and the cleaning chores. Avoid pays that are mostly overheads and add the least value to your business.

  1. Master the art of adjustments

When a lot of people work together, there are certain things that won’t happen as per our will. But there comes the main art of adjustment. When you master how to make adjustments and continue prospering, that adds up as a life skill, helping you in various perspectives.

  1. Get ideas of various perspectives

Different people, have different perspectives. And it is impossible for one person to think on all perspectives, that/s why we have co-working space where different personalities can work on different perspectives, and bring out a successful venture.

You choose your Vibe

  1. Synergy

When you mingle with the similar type of people. You usually form the synergy required for the particular work. They get to learn new things and gain more knowledge. Not to forget you even get to share your experience with others.

  1. Personal space

Although you\’ll be working with a different type of people, you\’ll still have your own space for your things, which is quite spatial and comfortable. An environment with co-workers as well as personal space is a great combination.

  1. Control over job

You get to decide when to work and when to go home as the office is open 24/7. If you want to pull a night shift or go back by five is up to you. You are welcomed to the office at any moment of the day.

  1. Control over your environment

You get to control the environment of your workspace. There are no strict hours of work. You can choose which time to start your work and which time to close the desk.

  1. Sets a vibe

Co-working space provides you with the perfect vibe for working; you can boost up your energy by sharing space with your co-workers

  1. Interaction

Work without interaction is difficult. This is another feature that the co-working space beats the standard working space in. It doesn\’t restrict the employees from having casual chit chats while they work. This makes the environment more enjoyable.

  1. The Community building

People mostly concentrate on being the only one when it comes to business, but with co-working spaces, you can venture out the possibility of working together and build a community, the one which houses more number of healthy employers looking forward towards bringing a change

  1. A best place to try out a survey

When the population is high, that is the place for a healthy survey, especially when a population of educated and striving individuals are held together, it is more than a hub.

  1. A team of likeminded hustlers

Why search a team when you have your team mates at the nearer desks? Co-working space gives you the liberty of working amongst team members, sharing the success and motivating each other in disaster.

  1. Can develop successful partners and healthy friendships

When you work in a co-working space, the feeling of emotions and bonding increases. We no longer feel that work is alienated to our schools and colleges.


Evolutionary Development

  1. Time for a Change

Co-working space is one of the new changes we are seeing. Most of the employees prefer co-working space over the common area as it is one of the effects of modernization.

  1. No loneliness

Co-working space helps most of the freelancers and entrepreneurs to work with other freelancers helping them to avoid isolation and bring in more ideas through interaction.

  1. Breaks the monotony

The co-working space is very different from the other workspaces and gives you the opportunity to break the monotony. Co-working space is more fun and indulging. Hence it helps you love your job more.

  1. Avoid toxic workplace

About 46% of workers complain that their workplace is poisonous, and that is the primary reason why they choose to take another job. Hence co-working place beats the work culture that is usually followed and gives the workers a friendly environment.

  1. Getting out of your home

Work from home is good, but when you get to meet new people from different industries and share the same space, your spirit is lifted, and you tend to be more creative

  1. Higher Productivity

You don’t tend to get bored most of the times as everyone around you are busy working and you get the same spirit. This increases your productivity and also lies as an inspiring motivation

  1. Tracking of consumables by company

No need to stack up resources for your need. You have the facility of food resource hub that stacks up every food product you need, thereby leaving no tensions for you in terms of decomposing of food products

  1. Virtual office

Need an office address but no office space? Get a virtual office space from Level 212 co-working space. You have amenities from class 0 until class 9. Avail the best of them

  1. Realise sharing is Caring

When you work in a co-working space, the feeling of emotions and bonding increases. We no longer feel that work is alienated to our schools and colleges.

  1. Make space for mergers and partnerships

With introduction to new minds and healthy relationships, co-working spaces has brought in more healthy mergers and innovative projects. When like-minded people work together, miracles happen









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