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    How Virtual coworking space helps you to get GST registration with zero investment in 2020?

    Do you know every company has to register in state where its supply of goods and services in order to get back GST input Credit?

    There are so many multiple state companies registered at my coworking space for their GST registration in state.

    I am going to tell you

    what is Virtual Coworking space

    How Virtual office space can help you to get GST registration with no heavy investment?

    and many more

    so Lets dive in.

    What is Virtual Co-working Space:

    A virtual office is a workspace solution that allows entrepreneurs, freelancers to work whenever they want and from wherever they are. First pioneered by Servcorp about 40 years ago, the concept of this co-working space is getting attention to meet up today’s work demands. In an upcoming city like Pune, the number of start-ups and small businesses increase exponentially, and to cope up with such a demand for the concept of virtual office space can be a potential alternative. This allowed entrepreneurs, small businesses to have access to the advantages of established office space in your city or elsewhere that provides a better impression to the client. With this, one is allowed to get a prestigious address, administrative support, and local phone numbers, without committing to any dedicated office space. Whether you are a young team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, freelancers, co-working virtual office space is a perfect place to start and grow.

    Virtual office coworking space

    • Benefits of Virtual Coworking Space:

    The other additional features that make this co-working space usable for like-minded, successful professionals to chase their dreams are;

    • Professional mailing address, GST registration address or business registration Address with local phone number
    • Mail receipt and forwarding facility
    • Dedicated receptionist for call answering and call forwarding and voicemail services
    • Access to physical office space, including private offices and on demands conference/meeting rooms along with Access to all other office locations in the provider’s network
    • Physical office space with essential business services including:
    • High-speed WiFi
    • Print/ copy/ scan / fax
    • Audio & visual presentation hardware
    • Basic catering facilities such as light snacks, coffee, and tea
    • Occasional networking and social events to increase with the professional network

    GST registration process

    • How Virtual offices helps to get GST registration:

    One can register for a GST number anywhere in India with the help of a Virtual Office. This is one of the best benefits it comes with. With a professional virtual office address, one will be able to register for GST for that location only. In that case, the following documents need to be in submitted to complete the chain of documents as this co-working space is treated as leased or sublet property:-

    1. Property tax receipt/ electricity bill in the name of the owner.
    2. Rent Agreement copy between operator and owner Lessee of the space.
    3. No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner to Operator.
    4. NOC from operator to the company/business availing GST Registration address.
    5. Landline bill/broadband bill (i.e. any utility bill) in the name of the operator to confirm his operations at the premises.

    Having all these documents will ensure that you have the complete set of documents that allow your business to use that particular workspace for GST registration. With a virtual office like Level 212, you will be provided with all necessary documentation like Electricity Bill, NOC, Signage, and Agreement to get your GST registration done as per your convenience.

    When you have a virtual office space you needn’t go have a physical space outside. You can get your office space listed in your name which you can use only for GST registration and for mailing address. This will be your personal office space which exists only in the virtual zone and not a physical office space.

    So, overall, this virtual office gives you the freedom to start your business with zero sets up cost where you have not to spend money on furniture to computers, and you will be left with zero worries about spending money on maintenance issues, admin kinds of stuff, and other utilities. With the high demands for such co-working spaces, finding a perfect space with all necessary amenities in legitimate prices might seem to be a little confusing. Here, we will focus on one of the best co-working spaces in Pune; Level 212, going through this article will help you to have an informed decision about how this space fits your needs within your budget.

    The three main reasons to choose Level 212 are;

    • Main Business Centre of Pune
    • Most Secured Access
    • Premium Space

    Overview of Level 212:

    Level 212, Established in the year 2019, January as a co-working space in camp, in one of the upcoming city; Pune, belongs to the category of co-working space that can be used on hire process.

    This is the premium, fully secure and ultimate one-stop destination that serves both the local customers as well as form any corner of Pune, committed to providing a better co-working space to all its members by providing luxury amenities & top-class facilities apart from the basic facilities that are expected from a co-working space.

    This place has already become a Launchpad for many budding freelancers, entrepreneurs & business owners. Over the course of its journey, the business of Level 212 has established a firm foothold in the virtual workspace industry. One of the main beliefs associated with this business is customer satisfaction. It’s got equal importance as their products and services.

    This altogether helps this establishment to grow exponentially day by day and garner a large number of customers. This business employs individuals are fully dedicated towards their respective roles and put in the best effort to achieve the common vision and final goals of the company.

    The business aims to expand its chains, line of products, services to a larger number of client base shortly. This establishment occupies in the most prominent location in Camp, in Pune. That makes it an effortless job in communicating with various modes of readily available transport throughout the city. With all the amenities and basic work atmosphere structure, it is known to provide the best service in co-working space on hire services.

    Level212 Coworking Space

    This is a very dynamic &young  company focused at bringing the Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Professionals, Corporate entities as well as SME / MSME to work under one roof that allows you to follow a common culture which encourages Co-creation  & Collaboration and help in bridging the gap between the like-minded young people.

    No matter at what stage you are right now in your business or start-up, Level 212 will help you to go up to higher steps with time. Its promise that if you have an idea, it will convert it into nosiness. If you already have a business, then it will help you to build on it. If you come with a readily set up business, Level 212 will help you increase your boundaries & expand your professional network along with enhancement in your vision. If you are a successful corporate enterprise, it can help you by providing a lively and energetic work environment to your employees that will readily increase productivity and also helps to reduce the cost of your enterprise.

    The mission of Level 212: “To create a space which induces its members to go one level up.”

    Vision of Level 212: “To have co-working spaces all across the globe wherein the members share a single platform which can fulfill all the requirements & needs within the community itself. In short, a self-sufficient & self-reliant community of members.”

    Level212 Coworking Space Pune

    Products and Services Offered:

    Level 212 offers a premium quality co-working office space in Camp with a wide range of products and services to fulfill all the varied requirements of their esteemed customers. The staff at this establishment are polite, well-mannered and prompt at providing any assistance. They can readily answer any questions or queries that you may have. And you can use any of the available modes of payment to pay for the product or service, such as Cash, Cheques, Debit Cards, Master Card, Visa Card, American Express Card, and Credit Card.

    Pricing Details:

    Starting at INR 4999 per seat, Level 212 comes with several packages to choose from. If you are looking for a quiet place to work as an individual, you can opt for a dedicated seat or a flexible seat as per your preference. You can also opt for their premium lounge which has comfy cushion chairs. If you have a big team, you can choose between a well-equipped private cabin or a shared cabin.

    For the pricing details, here is the list that may help you out to decide, how pocket friendly this place can be;

    Space Type Capacity (Seat wise) Daily Rate Monthly Rate
    Open Desk 70 INR 400 INR 7000
    8 INR 600 INR 12000
    Private Room 3 INR 2000 INR 27000
    4 INR 3000 INR 36000
    6 INR 3500 INR 54000
    8 INR 4000 INR 72000
    Meeting Room 6 (INR 350/hour) INR 1500
    8 (INR 500/hour) INR 3000


    Explore the workspace options:

    This establishment offers office Space Solutions for Every Size of Business. Let give a glance on the different workstation and the facilities, it provides;

    1. Flexible Seat:
    • First come first serve (as per availability)
    • Dedicated Wi-Fi internet
    • LAN Connection
    • Cafeteria across
    • Locker access
    • Restricted access to events
    • Best suited for Freelancers & Digital Nomads
    1. Dedicated Seat:
    • Fixed seating
    • Free entry to events (Limited)
    • Locker access
    • Free Credits
    • Access to curated business support services
    • 2 Hour discussion room
    • Best suited for Business Owners and Professionals
    1. Premium Lounge:
    • Luxurious cushion chairs
    • Free credits
    • Free access to Events
    • Premium ambiance
    • 3 hours Discussion Room
    1. Shared Cabins:
    • Filling cabinets & storage
    • Private or Closed space
    • Free Credits
    • Free access to events
    • 4 hours Discussion Room
    1. Private Cabins:
    • Access controlled cabin
    • Fully furnished
    • Free credits
    • Free access to events
    • Wooden Flooring
    • Private air conditioning
    • Visitor access
    1. Virtual Office:
    • Communication address
    • Virtual office plus
    • 5 days complimentary access (as per availability)
    • Registered and communication address

    The place provides a lively environment to its clients and is designed spaciously to give you more space that lets you work in comfort. Talking about the decoration of the place, it is painted with vibrant color that surely emits positive vibes within this place. In Level 212, there is a common working space, private cabins, seminar room, meeting/conference rooms, and a very luxurious dining area where you can take a break from work for a cuppa coffee or enjoy your lunch with your teammates or collaborators.

    Level 212, the most SECURE & PREMIUM Co-working space in Pune. They are a perfect mix of a vibrant community as well as an Executive Business Centre. It can be called as a latest and ultimate addition to the emerging world of shared office spaces & co-working. It’s located on East Street in camp, which is the business center of Pune since eternity.

    Level212 Coworking Space

    They offer the following basic and paid amenities:

    Office Amenities (Free)

    • Air Conditioned Workspace
    • Hi-Speed Internet
    • Business Address
    • Executive / Manager Cabins
    • Leased Line
    • Brainstorming Room
    • CCTV
    • Premium Lounge
    • Conference Room
    • Video Conferencing
    • Personal Signage
    • Pantry
    • Reception
    • Lift
    • 24×7 Power-Backup
    • Printer/Scanner
    • Housekeeping
    • 4 Wheeler Parking
    • 2 Wheeler Parking
    • Security
    • 24×6 Access

    Office Amenities (Paid)

    (Value-added services will be provided on-call basis)

    • Fully equipped Cafeteria with Tea/Coffee
    • Projector
    • Courier Facility
    • Computer
    • Locker
    • Business Name Display At Reception

    Address and contact details:

    Level212 Coworks,

    Parmar House 2413 East Street,

    Exhibition Rd, Camp, Pune,

    Maharashtra 411001


                Monday – Saturday: 9.00 -19.00

    Sunday: Closed


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