How To Choose The Right Coworking Space For Your Company?

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Multiple globally-recognized companies and entrepreneurs are shifting their workspace to coworking space. It not only provides you with ample opportunities but better accessibility, growth, and sustainability. The environment encourages the productivity of employees and collaborative projects. Hence, it’s time you look for a coworking office that works well with your office needs. This article will help you to understand everything there is to know before you set foot to this change.

What is a Coworking Space?

Co-working space can be termed as an office model of the modern era. One of the key aspects that differentiates a co-working space from a traditional office is that people from different companies work here and share the same infrastructure, including equipment and custodial services. They might be working in groups of different companies or individuals as freelancers or even startups. Along with providing you extreme flexibility with your office works, co-working spaces can help you save a lot of money on buying an office space.

They take care of all your office requirements like good Wi-Fi, printers, digital devices, etc. You also have access to modern cabins, meeting/conference rooms, Not just that they also plan on making your workday convenient and reducing your stress as much as possible with excellent relaxation amenities and great snacks and beverage services. More than these amenities, it\’s about the community of leaders and employees from a vast background that you can enjoy. The main aim of co-working spaces is to provide an office-like environment without corporate constraints that ensure greater efficiency in work.


Why are coworking spaces beneficial?

Yes, co-working offices cut down the pressure of leasing and maintaining your private office space. There are a lot more other advantages attached to it which is why several companies are shifting their workspace into co-working offices. Let me list them down for you below:

  • Inspiring: Unlike traditional offices that usually have an air of pressure and boredom around them, co-working spaces give you a refreshing vibe of new people from different backgrounds going about their work. If this is not enough to motivate you then imagine a completely different office structure modeled to bring motivation into work.
  • Flexibility: Why do you need to spend such huge amounts of money on large office space when you already are getting a greater infrastructure with better amenities on demand. This is the best option for startups and freelancers considering their tight budget
  • Collaboration: Build your links in the community of workers from different walks of life working in your co-working space. You can easily sign deals or collaborative projects when you have such a massive community to work in
  • Refreshing atmosphere: While many are considering to shift to work from home office style coworking spaces could be an alternative as well. Situated in residential and easily accessible parts of the town, they not only give you a change in environment but also help you focus on your work better.

Points to Take Care of While Selecting a Coworking Space

Co-working spaces is a rapidly increasing industry and every day the number of co-working offices opening in the world rises. The market space is expected to swell up to a good 30% by the next decade. Hence it becomes really important for you to choose the right co-working space. These are certain points you must keep in mind while hunting the right office space for you:

  1. Location and accessibility:

The whole point of co-working spaces is probably this one. They aim to cut down on transportation costs and minimize fatigue due to traveling. Hence choose a space that is close to residential areas and has ample facilities like parking spots, accessibility modes, shops, restaurants, etc.

  1. Economically friendly:

Choose a co-working space that provides you a great environment to work in with the state of the art facilities without biting a big chunk of money off of your pockets. Remember that you are looking for office space without having to deal with the extra leasing and maintenance costs of a private one.

  1. Work ambiance:

Look for an office space that matches the requirements of your company. Despite everything that co-working spaces have to offer you need to ensure that the basic needs of your business are fulfilled. Engage with the operators and let them know about the kind of workspace you need and the demands of your industry. Choose well.

  1. Amenities

Amenities are equally essential for the smooth functioning of any office. We are not talking about basic facilities like printers and wifi. When you look for co-working spaces find out if they have a modern infrastructure with digital assets to boost your performance. Focus on how their services can help you upgrade your office environment.

  1. Community:

Another important aspect to look for while choosing a co-working space is to look for what kind of niche workers it attracts. You might prefer to with people from your industry rather than being in a completely different environment and losing inspiration. The right community will help you grow immensely.

  1. Connectivity:

If you are a business based in multiple countries around the world, you probably might not want to invest in local co-working spaces. Do your research on how good your co-working company is connected and whether they have a branch in your preferred location. What are your goals for the future? Is the co-working space aligned with your school of thought? These are important questions to consider when it comes to choosing a co-working space.

  1. Security:

When it comes to co-working space, security must be the first doubt that would have come to your mind. Always invest in co-working spaces that prioritize your security. Good co-working spaces have a well-defined monitoring policy on the premises.

  1. Working hours:

Look for coworking spaces that fit your time schedule. If you are looking for flexible working hours choose a co-working space that operates 24/7. This is the most important thing that you must not forget.

  1. Recreation and relaxation:

In order to ease the work stress, several co-working spaces have recreational rooms, lounges, and more. They let you take short breaks so that you can come back to your work with a fresher mind. Apart from that they also organize recreational activities to encourage network growth. The icing on top of the cake is hygienic and delicious food options.


Steps to Choose the Right Coworking Space

Step 1: Make a budget

Creating a budget helps you decide what kind of packages you will be offered in that range. It helps you decide what options are necessary, what you can afford and what you might discard. Also keep in mind that payments to these coworking services are expected on a monthly basis.

Step 2: Find an optimum location

Choosing the right location is very important while selecting your co-working space. Shortlist which co-working spaces help you save the most of your travel time. You must look for what kind of a surrounding you prefer your office to be located in. Are there the amenities you might seek for in your office area?

For businesses that require travel or have multiple branches around the world, you must make sure of how the cost and accessibility will be handled offshore.

Step 3: Choose your desk space

Co-working spaces provide a variety of desk spaces based on your need. Take a look at your workforce and your requirements. These will decide whether you are eligible for hotdesking (flexible workspace), dedicated desks, or private offices. For example, hotdesking might be a good option for a freelancer but a well-established company with a bigger team should opt for a private office.

Step 4: List the facilities you expect

Some basic office amenities for the smooth functioning of your office should be made available by your co-working space provider. Reliable and secure Wi-Fi, printers, meetings and conference rooms, etc are some of the things that are necessary. Look for offices that support your industry-specific requirements.

Step 5: Do a lot of research

Doing good research is always the key to getting the best of what you want. You can either do a simple Google search and go through workspace database websites like Deskcamping or ask your network of clients or business owners about what works best for them. Another method is getting in touch with a co-working space broker who will help you find the right office space with their keen expertise.

Step 6: Ask questions

The last and the most important step is getting to know about the culture, community, work process and organization, and more. Get in touch with the management team and understand how things work and if you\’ll be able to carry out your work unhindered. You must also visit the office on your own at least once to experience the atmosphere. Do not forget to take a look at additional charges, perks that you might or might not want to pay for, events held, and the security. Oh! And read the documents carefully before signing them. You might not actually want the intellectual data of your company being handed over to a third-party organization.


What are the Best Co-working Spaces in India?

  1. Level 212: Level 212 is a great space to work for Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals alike. Corporate companies can easily be accommodated in their well-planned private offices. It is a young and dynamic company focused on following a culture that believes in collaboration and co-creation. Established in 2010, Level 212 envisions a premium space with world-class amenities and luxury perks in a completely secure environment. It believes that an energetic and motivational vibe is necessary for the smooth functioning of any task. The spaces are designed in such a way that a small business idea can expand its roots and a well-built business can grow further.


  1.  Workfella: It is a modern workspace that provides you business-class amenities and keeps you up-to-date with technology so that you never fall behind. Workfella believes that the right technological innovation can work wonders in bringing success to your company. It houses highly inspired and expert individuals who aim to remain far ahead of the curve. If you wish to build your network, Workfella is the right place for you. There are all-inclusive offices that can be hired anytime you want. They also provide you with various options like dedicated desks or private offices. One thing that Workfella never fails to do is making your office technologically powerful and well furnished so that working is a blissful experience.
  2.  The Playce: Playce is a great option for people who hate clutter and crowds. With large, spacious offices to work in the co-working space offers state of the art facilities like play and work desks, conference and seminar halls, recreational rooms like gaming zones, etc. Great Wi-Fi and ergonomic furniture along with unlimited coffee and a company of bright intellectuals, help you remain productive throughout your day
  3. The Hive: The Hive is the best in location, connectivity, and infrastructure. Made out of a beautiful Portugal bungalow, it gives you that completely casual vibe while also maintaining the seriousness of a workplace. There are a variety of services offered here as well that make it all the more appealing. From efficient seminar halls to indulging workshops, Hive really takes that extra space to make coworking easy and fun. The basic internet provisions are in great condition as well. As for food, it has probably the best options. It has a good cafe called the \”Hungry Traveller\” that has the tastiest food to keep you motivated for your work.
  4. 91 Springboard: 91 Springboard has been around for a long time and it has the experience and expertise on managing co-working spaces efficiently. These working joint boats of fast and secure Wi-Fi connectivity, a proper management team, tastefully furnished private offices, and functional conference halls. They also provide locker facilities and emergency medical services. Rest assured security will never be compromised at 91 Springboard.
  5. Geekout: If you are in the IT field of the corporate world, there is no better option than Geekout. Meet professionals from your field that encourages creativity, collaboration, and inspiration. Techies can choose from Personal cabins to dedicated desks based on their requirements. They also continuously conduct technology-related workshops like Hackathons and more. Understanding the needs of an IT work field, these are available 24*7. Apart from that, there are a lot of perks that you can enjoy including Free GitHub Repos, AWS Credits, relaxing beverages, and snacks options, storage units, spacious parking lots, and more. Geek out has also come up with a special plan for freelancers that help them save up on more money while working efficiently.
  6. Colaba Social: You might just visit Colaba Social for its cool and relaxed atmosphere. While people work hard during the day, the place converts into a great party destination at night. The food is great and it has connectivity in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai making it the best option if you need to continuously switch places between these cities with a single membership.
  7. WeWork: WeWork is an internationally acclaimed co-working hotspot with spacious cabins and conference rooms. The place competes with international standards of business. The layout ensures ergonomic workflow and productivity throughout. Not just that, it is a premium hub for important companies thus giving startups and freelancers good exposure into the corporate world. The location also makes it equally enticing with a happening nightlife after work and great restaurants to treat yourself for your hard work.
  8. Goodworks:  GoodWorks is considered to be another one of the best co-working spaces in India considering its easy accessibility and world-class ecosystem. Providing desks to Fortunes 599 companies to dedicated entrepreneurs and startups, it is a hub of professional corporates. From dedicated storage space to custom-built offices, Goodworks allows you the freedom to work at a place that you think is optimal for you. There are hot dealing facilities, glass-enclosed studio rooms, virtual offices, and more. The AI-driven workspace along with great hospitality is another reason to work at Goodworks.


Finding the coworking space where can perform well and leverage the amenities of the office space to boost your performance is extremely critical. The right decision will affect your company’s growth in great ways. However, the decision lies in your hand. You are the one who can determine what kind of coworking space works best for you. Keep the above mentioned golden rules in mind and I’m sure you will be able to successfully implement this change for a better future.

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