New Trend Work Near Home is Better Than Work From Home

The pandemic has globally affected the lives of people, beginning from kitchen to office. However, to deal with this, new tactics have emerged or the old concepts are dugout. One of the related ideas is the work from home concept. According to this concept, the company’s works are not delayed or heaped up rather the employee has to accomplish the tasks working from his or her home. Thus, the day-to-day works of the company are not hampered and things easily fall in place.

Nevertheless, the work from home concept has its own advantages and disadvantages. The benefits are seen more on the side of the employers, whereas the workers have to struggle day and night to meet the client’s demands on time with no promised bonus. The workers are not even paid full charges. They become a rolling moss that gathers no moss since their quality time with the family and payment are totally thwarted.

But soon this work from home concept is replaced by another concept called work near home when the inner chaos caused by the pandemic is at a halt. Both are different in that the former stresses the importance of home space and the latter prioritize coworking spaces.

This article draws attention to the significance of coworking space or work near home over home space or work from home.


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Understanding The Two Concepts- Work Near Home And Work From Home

In simple terms, work from home means accomplishing an assigned task by working from home. It signifies the utilization of home space for the completion of office works.

Whereas work near home means completing a given task by working near home. It implies the coworking spaces located nearby for dealing with the pending works of the office, company or enterprise.

Both of these concepts are dissimilar in every respect. This article is designed to demonstrate the superiority of the work near home concept over the work from home concept.


How Is Work Near Home Different From Work From Home?

Work from home can be considered one of the saviors for both employers and employees of big or small business organizations, companies, and other equivalent jobs, which brought continuity to their works and maintained the balance. This has also emphasized the general saying- ‘the work must go on’. Work near home has helped millions of masses to meet their family’s demands even during the lockdown when everything seemed to cease. It has made the impossible possible.

When the world was struggling to generate antidotes to Corona, a section of people was also struggling to complete a given task on a stipulated time. At that moment there seems no difference between the world and that section of people (they represent office goers) because both were determined to satisfy others and get, in return, a mere recognition.

Nonetheless, since every coin has two sides, the work from home concept becomes a curse for a few sections of people. The home, then, does remain a happy ambiance, rather it becomes a source of constant inner conflict, stress, negativity, and dissatisfaction. To those few sections the same home, they have been residing for years, turns out to be a nightmare that brings discomfort to their sleeping pattern and daily routine. After a considerable period of time when the world returns to normalcy, a new trend takes over the charge and that is the idea of work near home.

Work near home, in simple terms, is a ticket to move out of the hassle of working from home and operate in a calming environment. Emerging as a boon, work near home facilitates both the company or agency and their staff members in dealing with their clients’ demands with efficacy and punctuality.

Prior to lockdown, work from home is the most sought-after option for the employees to get refreshed from laboring in the office but in lockdown, the same option becomes all the more hectic.

There are major differences between work from home and work near home. To highlight them, the following table is drawn, specifying the superiority of the idea of work near home over work from home notion:

Work From Home Work Near Home
It refers to the home space where the chances of additional pressure, tension, and workload is high. It refers to the coworking space where chances of lightening extra burden and getting appeasing surrounding are high.
It is basically a temporary situation. It is also temporary but the experience is permanently instilled into the mind of the workers.
It blocks the expansion of the outer space of the individual working from home. His or her periphery gets restricted to the four walls of their house. It helps the individuals to expand their circle and come in contact with new faces and thus learn new knowledge and experience.
It builds pressure on the mind of the employee who is already struggling to accomplish the assigned task and handling familial matters. It depressurizes the employees and helps them to remain focus on their work away from the trivialities of the world around them.
It is not pleasing for everyone to effectively work from home. Initially, it is challenging to work near home but eventually, it converts into an adventure to coordinate with people of different fields.


What Is Coworking Space?

Coworking space is a space that accumulates different workers of different companies and allows them to work under a single roof. Such space offers the workers an opportunity to escape the mundanity of the outside world and provides them a more friendly environment to produce or create the best for their employer. Coworking space is a bridge that fills the gap between working from home and working in an office. In other words, it is a neutral space where every professional has their own voice and their own company behind them. People assemble to work either individually on different projects or in groups on the same assignment. It consists of an internet facility, Wi-Fi, printers, secured corners, etc.

It is to be noted that the coworking spaces are generally occupied by tech start-ups, developers, writers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to act efficiently, save money, and make network with other professionals. There are a number of coworking spaces that provide private offices together with communal areas where businesses can easily grow and at the same time take advantage of the shared aspects of the space.

For instance, WeWork is one of the most effective coworking spaces which is revolutionizing the working patterns of workers and their companies. It provides flexible workspaces, privacy, good services, and the latest technology to carry one\’s business forward irrespective of being an established company owner or the man behind a start-up and so on. It is reimagining the workplace. Most importantly, it is gearing up to satisfy their clients on health and safety issues especially due to corona.

What Stats Reveal!

The recent report reveals that the worldwide coworking spaces market is thought to be declining from $9.27 billion in 2019 and to $8.24 billion in 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of -12.9%. It is suggested that the root cause behind the slowdown across nations is the pandemic which has led to several other issues and the preventive measures taken to control the spread of COVID-19. However, the coworking space market is then expected to revive and reach $11.52 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate of 11.8%, as per the Coworking Spaces Global Market Report 2020-2030.

Top Ten Benefits of Work Near Home

This section will deal with the benefits that work near home lends. Work near home is a preferable option especially for those who aspire to get the vibe of both office and home. It inculcates coworking spaces that are near home and designed like an office. Thus, it bridges the gap between working in the office and working at home. The followings are the ten benefits of working near home:

  1. Enhances CCC: One of the most poignant benefits of working near home is that it develops the three Cs in the mind of the workers. The first C represents the sense of community building. Work near home provides the employee a desirable and convenient space that assimilates several other workers representing different companies, agencies, organizations, etc., and generates a feeling of community. As a matter of fact, the people get to share one single space, its furniture, equipment, and other accessories which further builds an idea of togetherness. The sense of community building helps the employees in weaving good qualities beneficial for the society at large. Working from home, on the one hand, restricts the build-up of community feeling, working near home, on the other hand, breaks the bar of restrictions imposed by the work from a home concept in terms of community feeling, and strengthens the relationship among the co-workers.

The second C is the factor of collaboration. As the work near home provides a coworking space where different professionals come together, there are higher chances of the occurrence of big collaboration. Collaboration refers to the coming together of several minds supporting one idea. This becomes certain due to the large network chain formed by the one employee which ultimately aids his or her company. Coworking spaces expose one to better opportunities to expand one’s business and make a good reputation in the market. The networking facility is relatively more in such working near home concept. As different employees meet and share their personal as well as professional thoughts, it profits them in extending their company’s or business organization’s name to a greater height.

The third C is represented by a higher concentration level. Coworking spaces assist the workers in enhancing their concentration level and pace of handling multiple tasks. Work near home facilitates them in providing new challenges when the mind has to process in efficient ways. That way the level of concentration develops thereby helping them to satisfy the employer’s demands on time together with proper planning.


  1. A positive form of escapism: Work near home, in many ways, and in many cases, becomes an easy form of escaping the tense and depressing environment of home and stressful surrounding of the office. Although work near home provides spaces whose setting is more or less like an office, what is distinguishable here is the openness and unconfinable ambiance which heightens the inventive mind of the worker. Furthermore, it helps them to escape from the mundanity of the outer world and construct their own desired space where they can freely work as per their convenience.


  1.   Enhances creativity: Unlike work from home, work near home expands the horizon of the mind of the employee and paves way for finer prospects. Through interactions and exchange of information with other professionals at coworking spaces, the creative side of the worker is enhanced to a great extent. After getting exposure to read and understand other’s minds, the possibilities are high to develop one’s business or company, or enterprise. It helps to cultivate potentialities to carry the name and position of one’s company to newer heights. All of these are possible through a creative mind and its sound balance with the external bodies.


  1. Boost in productivity: Several coworking spaces are available 24/7 which helps an employee to solidify a ‘work mode’ thereby helping him or her in being productive. This facility is somewhat less likely to be found in a work from home concept. While working from home draws attention to million other issues related to family or relatives, that dust off the productivity of the worker. The pandemic has already taken the majority of us to darker sides and has ruined our power of creativity and productivity. To tackle this issue, it is important to get fresh air and step out of the house and get into the competitive world. By doing this, the corporate world will be all the more attractive and yielding.


  1. Cost-beneficial: Another benefit of the work near home concept is the budget-friendly outlet. Especially for small businesses striving to manage everything at a low budget with good results, work near home is quite beneficial. Nowadays the coworking spaces are designed in such a way that the worker does not have to roam around for other necessities. The coworking spaces include all the basic amenities like beverages, snacks, etc. where the interaction among fellow professionals is commonly witnessed. In this way, the business which hires or provides coworking space to their workers embraces all in one facility. Thus, the coworking spaces prove to be cost-beneficial.


  1. Security and safety: The world has been transforming a lot in a positive direction, beginning from imposing safety rules to other protective measures. With the world’s transformation, many companies are keeping the safety and security of their employees and associates as the priority. The provision of work near home has been offered after a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of it. Since collaboration and community building is one of the top benefits of work near home concepts, the workers will take care of themselves along with their co-workers and abide by the rules of Covid19.


  1.   Good for small companies: The provision of coworking spaces is beneficial for those who are into start-ups. Not all companies can afford to offer office space to their employees. At that point in time, coworking spaces act as a savior. The work near home space or coworking space benefits the workers by laboring there and earning bread for their family. Not being at the office and at home, an employee can still use his/her skill and become financially independent by working at the coworking space.


  1. Effective for start-ups: Work near home is relatively effective for start-ups. It provides an opportunity to encounter several faces possessing brilliant minds and learn new tactics to start a new business or enterprise. The ideas that one gets from his or her fellow mate is comparatively more effective. Start-ups are generally motivated by innovative goals and the well-being of the people. Work near home is beneficial primarily because of its promising exposure and positive outcome after getting exposed to novel adventures.


  1. Focus and planning: It is noteworthy to mention that work near home, unlike work from home or office, directs the focus of the employees into one dimension and assists them in making vital plans for their companies. Work near home is a new trend rising with a prime motive to help the working section of the world in executing their companies’ plans in the best way possible.


  1. Bridging the gap between home and office: Work near home is advantageous for linking the break between home and office. It mediates between the two spaces and keeps a healthy balance between them. It helps to mitigate the drawbacks entailed by these two spaces. In general, working near home signifies those spaces which are in close proximity to the employee’s home and are easy to handle office works. Hence, it is quite clear to consider the work near home concept as the bridge connecting the home space and office space and thereby becoming a reliable space for many employees and their employers.


There are certain things which are ought to be considered before proceeding to go for work near home. Some of the tips are discussed below:

  • The year 2020 is considered to very insightful in many cases. People are becoming more conscious about their health as well as of their associates. In view of office goers who will be working near home, it is highly advisable to be extra alert in choosing an effective coworking space. While choosing it is necessary to keep three things in mind- social distancing, health concern, and saving others from getting infected. Thus, the work near home space must outfit itself with the latest technologies, new devices, enough space inculcating fewer professionals thereby maintaining the protocols of COVID-19.
  • Another tip is to not go too remote from the office. It will be more convenient to find coworking space in closer proximity. If space is nearer, the company and its employees will get considerable benefits. The location of a coworking space plays a vital role in deciphering the fate of the company and its workers. The more remote a coworking space resides the more are the chances of losing contact with the family and the company itself.
  •  Furthermore, it is essential to learn about the work near home spaces beforehand to avoid shock and dissatisfaction. One should not rush while availing such spaces. Rush can only limit one’s activeness and mindfulness. Reading the reviews and evaluating the facilities are the two most important tips based on coworking spaces.
  • Time management is another essential factor that needs attention. As the work near home spaces are designed almost like an office, the chances of getting additional jobs are high. Therefore, it is advisable to plan a proper schedule and divide one’s time with care. Management of time is significant for completing a task, doing personal works, and focusing on other relevant areas of individual, social, and office-related importance.
  • Last but not the least, one is advised to look for flexibility, privacy, and amenities (like food, coffee, parks, etc.). Work near home space must provide the worker with immense privacy, flexibility, and other essential amenities. Only after taking note of all these facilities, a worker must move further with the planning of shifting to work near home space.


Top Six Local Work Near Home Spaces or Coworking Spaces

Considering the advantages of work near home, it is now significant to put some light on the top work near home spaces. The below-mentioned names are a few coworking spaces that are packed with qualities and opportunities:

  1. WeWork: It is one of the most experienced coworking industries that is rich with updated technological tools. It boasts almost 850 offices in around 123 cities worldwide, with 35 across the U.S., and with this, the list continues. It offers a number of different office configurations, from a wide and extensible personal suite of offices for a group of workers- around 20 to 250 to a shared workspace group. Other facilities include a work-ready environment, coffee and fruit-infused water, high-speed internet, office supplies and printers, and front desk service. Along with these, it also gives access to health care, payment processing, IT support, payroll, legal and more. It offers a “We Membership,” hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. The popularity of it is growing at an unprecedented rate. At the present time, it has more than 200,000 members.
  2. Forge: This is a coworking space located in Birmingham. It is important to mention that Forge is more than just being an office space that facilitates its users in expanding the business. It is a movement started by members who are willing to see the growth of their businesses and cause a lasting impact. It is an ideal place for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are unwilling to work in a dissertation. Workers who are feeling isolated can come to the coworking center and become a part of the striking collaborative community instead. Depending on the needs of their concerned businesses one can rent a space that is appropriate for growing, be it a private office or coworking. Some of the relevant facilities included in all membership plans: innovative and collaborative workspaces, member-only events and education, and finally the discounted printing.
  3. Regus: The third most popular and brilliant co-working space is Regus. It is considered to be the most prolific offering in coworking spaces. Almost 3000 Regus offices can be found in 900 cities and 120 countries. While amenities and pricing change from one location to another, some basic facilities like high-speed internet, office furnishings, and business machines are available at every location. Due to its sheer availability, Regus makes the top of the list.
  4. Impact Hub: This is a global network focused on building communities for impact at scale. What is distinguishable here is that- with more than 100 communities of 16,500 change-driven entrepreneurs in more than 55 countries across five continents, Impact Hub proves to be one of the world\’s largest communities and accelerators for positive change. Here the company develops ecosystems to start a collaboration and entrepreneurial innovation around the Global Sustainable Development Goals through locally rooted Impact Hubs, as well as with partners and allied networks.
  5. Google Tech Hub: It is not a single coworking space; rather it is a collective of several individual coworking spaces that come in contact with Google and present striking aids for start-ups. Notwithstanding to just a place to work and collaborate, Google Tech Hub partners provides education and training, effective boot camps, and even social events, where all are enriched with one single aim to build a career in tech. One Tech Hub partner, Fueled Collective starts at just $230 a month for shared coworking spaces, or $400 for dedicated desk space. Housed in spectacular historic buildings, the six Minneapolis locations offer all the general amenities one can expect, together with an active social club, access to the Google for Start-ups network, and prominent opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  6.  The Wing:  The offices of The Wing are available in nine locations in the U.S. and another opening is soon. The Wing is a growing coworking space with a unique philosophy. This philosophy is said to be unique because it being different from various other coworking spaces in the USA and other parts of the world at large. While everyone is technically welcome, the concept is designed for women and by women. The basic facilities include an in-house cafe, a beauty room stocked with skin products, showers, breast pump rooms, and on-site day-care at some locations. It includes memberships which begin at $185 per month with an annual commitment and include events.



Thus, after going through all the points mentioned above, it can be stated that the new trend work near home is better than work from home. Work near home discerns itself from every possible shortcoming possessed by work from home idea. The benefits gifted by the work from the home concept are relevant in the work near home concept. Right from developing a sense of community, collaboration, focus, concentration to acting as a bridge between home and office, working near home is better than working from home in all directions.

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